A guide to Beccles Health Centre


For years Beccles Health Centre has been crucial in looking after the health of people in the local area. In this article we look at the facilities and what they have to offer local people in ensuring that they are properly looked after.

Beccles Health Centre serves 20,000 people, both in Beccles and a number of neighbouring villages. The services they offer include flu vaccinations, prescriptions and regular check ups. The centre is also a training practise teaching students from the University of East Anglia, helping the students to learn how to work in a practise and give them the skills they need in order to work with patients.

In 2014 the Health Centre launched the Electronic Prescription Service, helping to reduce waiting times by removing the need to produce a paper prescription and making it easier for them to pick up medication from a location close to them rather than having to get medication from a specific medical centre (for example they could arrange for the medication to be dropped off at a pharmacist in the local area rather than the centre itself).

The centre also introduced telephone appointments in 2013. This allowed people to discuss medical matters with their GP without the need to go directly to the health centre. As with the Electronic Prescription Service this has reduced the amount of time spent by GPs answering enquiries and freeing up more appointment time for people who need to visit the health centre in person.

If you would like to know more about the health centre or would like to register in the local area you can get more information by clicking on their website here.

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