A guide to Beccles Skate Park


If you love skating and want somewhere to go to do it then Beccles Skate Park is the place to go!

Most commons have some kind of playground for children to play on. What becomes more difficult is as children get older they find it harder to find places where they want to go. The fear for parents is that this means they end up doing things they shouldn’t in order to find excitement in the local area.

After a number of calls over the years for its creation the skate park was built on Beccles Common (the area known as “Little Wembley”). It has been designed with enthusiasts in mind, with a number of ramps of various sizes allowing people on skates, boards and bikes to pull off various tricks and with plenty of space for them to do it.

The other big advantage of the skate park is that unlike Beccles Lido it is free to enter and is not seasonal, allowing young adults to go there as often as they want without having to pay admission for it (this is not to have a go at Beccles Lido which is a great service for people of all ages but rather to point out the benefit of having facilities for young adults alongside facilities that can be accessed by everyone).

It should also be said that you do not necessarily need to be well versed in pulling off 180s to go there and equally it can be a good place for people to meet their friends in a relaxed environment away from home. In an era of social media and increased reliance on technology facilities such as this that allow more social interaction for young adults become ever more important and should not be underestimated or taken for granted.

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