Beccles Is, Beccles Was, Beccles Says – Beccles Video Poem

Do you want to get a great idea about Beccles in Suffolk – try this Beccles Video Poem

The beccles Video Poem ‘Beccles Is, Beccles Was, Beccles Says‘ is a video poem created by the people of the town of Beccles, with poet Dean Parkin, as a commission for the Beccles Festival in 2012. Please view the Beccles Video Poem by pressing play below.

Beccles Video Poem – Beccles Is, Beccles Was, Beccles Says – What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts of the Beccles Video Poem below. How do you feel this piece of art conveys life in Beccles, is there anything you would have added? Is there parts you would have missed out? Well done to Dean Parkin and the residents of Beccles for putting this together for the Beccles Festival.

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