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If you are looking to find something new to do this year? there are a range of clubs and societies in Beccles to join and today we’re going to do a quick overview of things you can take part in

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Find Beccles Clubs to Enjoy

A lot of people resolve to lose weight in the New Year. Fortunately in Beccles there are lots of ways you can lose pounds- for example at Beccles Sports Centre there is the Fat Attack spinning class, an intense workout specifically designed to help you lose weight (although if you are new to spinning there is also a beginner’s class to help you get used to it before stepping up to the more intense routines). If you want to get fitter but want something a bit more fun than there are also Zumba classes. This popular dance exercise has really taken off as it combines dance with fitness, allowing people to enjoy themselves while they sweat off the pounds!

If you want to learn to defend yourself while at the same time get fitter then there are a wide range of martial arts classes in Beccles. A good example is Sensei Kantu Patel’s karate class at the sports centre- he uses his decades of experience to instil a sense of discipline in his students, helping to keep them fit while at the same time emphasising to students of all ages that martial arts is about self confidence and not violence (so you don’t have to worry about your kids picking fights in the playground!)

Find Beccles Societies to Enjoy

If you are looking for something less intense there are also a number of clubs and societies. For example at Beccles Library there are art and creative writing classes that can help you develop your creative skills while at the same time offering the chance to socialise with like minded creative people, making friends in the process!

Recently more people have become interested in learning more about their family history. If you pop into the library on a Thursday you can attend a taster session where you can find out more about how you can research more about your family background (and also decide if you want to delve any further!)

In short there are lots of clubs and societies in Beccles and it is worth going online to find out more. Most clubs and societies will allow free trials to start with. Therefore it is recommended you go along once- try something new and it might surprise you!

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