Could Beccles Lead the Way in Self-Build Housing Construction?

Waveney Council is gearing up to begin consultations for its new Local Plan, and judging by early reports, it could transform Beccles’s construction economy.


The new Waveney Local Plan aims to identify new sites for housing in and around Beccles. In preparation for the first consultation in spring 2016, the district council have issued a call to local property owners. They are looking for sites that have potential for new development in Beccles, including new housing, employment and industrial development, retail, community facilities, open space and more.

This move opens the way for some of Beccles’s under-utilized space to be reclaimed and developed, but it also means that those interested in self-construction can, thanks to the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 gain support and assistance from the district council. Under the 2015 Act, councils are required to keep a register of people interested in self-construction. This register is intended to help inform the council of the amount of interest in self-build and custom-build plots and enable the council to develop a strategy for matching people to plots in their area.

Self-construction is becoming an increasingly viable alternative to the standard route to property ownership. By building their own homes, young professionals can take advantage of the council support promised in the 2015 Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act, getting the home they want and getting on the property ladder, all while supporting the local economy.

Thanks to Waveney District Council’s new Local Plan, the number of plots available for development is set to increase dramatically, and if there is enough interest, Beccles could become a haven for the self-construction movement. This could open the town up to a whole new demographic of young working families who build their own homes while they build their businesses, bringing some much-needed momentum to Beccles.

So, if you’re interested in building your own home in Beccles, or you own a site which would be suitable for development, make sure you contact the District Council before the consultation in Spring 2015.

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