Darkness Singer Hopes to Write Lowestoft Musical

Justin Hawkins, frontman of platinum selling Lowestoft rockers the Darkness, has taken time out from a hectic recording schedule to discuss his plans for the future, including a musical based on the history of Lowestoft’s fishing industry.

Hawkins is busily putting the finishing touches on the Darkness’s third album, but in an interview with the Toronto Sun, he revealed that he has already written three songs for a musical currently titled The Collapse of the Lowestoft Fishing Industry.

Hawkins told the Toronto Sun: “The main character has lost his throat to cancer so you have to sing all the songs in a voicebox. Something I’ve always wanted to do is a musical but, you know, musical from beginning to end, not like a musical of our songs horned into a storyline.”

Sadly, Hawkins’ Lowestoft-themed musical has been firmly on the back-burner for a while now, with the singer admitting: “I’ve got about three of the songs for it and the storyline but that’s the stage it’s been at since 1995. Don’t know if I’ll ever get around to finishing it.”

With the Darkness’ third album nearing completion and predicted to be one of the year’s top sellers, Hawkins is unlikely to have the time to finish it any time soon, but – as the existence of an internationally successful rock band from Lowestoft proves – stranger things have happened.

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