Did you have a good Christmas in Beccles?

Why I like the Beccles Christmas Lights

Inevitably in offices people will have had certain stock conversations, to the point where you can have your answers ready like a tape recorder in your mind. In my case I’m happy to say I had an excellent Christmas in Beccles

Most people have Christmas rituals. They do certain things on the day in a certain way and this often helps to get them in the festive mood (incidentally I also do this on match days- got my Nan’s Norwich City scarf, separate the yellow and green sweets and prepare to rant at my radio). For me this tradition extended to Christmas Eve.

As was the case the years before my brother and I met up Christmas eve ( Inevitably this depended on circumstances as we both live outside Beccles and it depends when we arrive etc). The gifts had been wrapped and this was the little window of opportunity to kick back and relax before the big day itself. I’ve said this before- Christmas is one of two days when Beccles is at its best (the other is in the summer time when you get those delightful Seppings sausages on a barbecue.)

I’ve already spoken as well about the Beccles Christmas lights- when you’re going out it feels like you’re being welcomed. There is also the joy of catching up with friends and family you haven’t seen for ages who bump into you at random like celebrity guests in a sitcom.

A lot of people have spoken about the struggles local pubs have had in recent times. However the range of places you can go to in Beccles suggest there is still enough going for them that they can keep going. These are the places with warmth and character, where the people are pleased to see you and do more than just dole out drinks. Not that there’s anything wrong with chain places (and indeed Beccles has those too) but at Christmas you kind of want something a bit more. For example we often walk out to The Swan in Gillingham in order to get a bit of fresh air and chat before settling down.

I always enjoy being in Beccles- it is easy to forget what we have until you go away from it. If you are reading this and you haven’t been to Beccles don’t wait until next Christmas- it is a great town to explore and it is well worth your time!

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