Early Lowry Sketches Sold in Beccles

Two sketches providing a fascinating insight into the development of one of Britain’s best loved artists were sold at Durrants this week, providing the public with a chance to see L.S. Lowry’s early work.

The pair of nudes were drawn in a life class in Manchester in around 1916, and still bear the fingermarks of the great artist, best known for his later ‘matchstick’ style, which chronicled working class life in the industrial north.

Drawn only a year before Lowry began working on his signature style, the pictures represent an important formative stage of his work, and the pair sold for a healthy £5,700 and £12,400 respectively.

The auction came at a moment when Lowry’s work has returned to the public imagination thanks to a new exhibition dedicated to his work at Tate Britain.

Check out the pictures in the Durrants catalogue. Scroll to the bottom for expandable images.

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