Enjoy the fantastic public parks in Beccles


Beccles has a number of public parks where you can explore, walk your dog or generally wander around at your leisure

As a market town Beccles has a number of advantages. Its location near the river Waveney and the marshes means there are a number of places to walk around and explore.

In terms of public parks the best is the area around the Quay- you can walk around the riverbank and watch the wildlife and the people in boats (it is also great for fishing!) There is also the playground with facilities for the kids and nearby picnic benches so you can supervise them while at the same time giving them a bit of space to run around and enjoy themselves. The area also provides access for walks along the marshes with clear signage so you don’t get lost!

However the quay is not the only place where you can enjoy a bit of freedom- there is also the park near Sir John Leman High School. This is ideal if you want to go for a kickabout but is equally great if you need to give your dog a bit of exercise or simply need a bit of fresh air. There is also a smaller park area around Puddingmoor (like the quay this also has a playground area).

In short Beccles has a number of great public parks to explore and it is well worth taking time to take in the natural beauty of the local area.

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