Google Doodle Commemorates Beccles’ Famous Scientist Dorothy Hodgkin


The third woman to receive a Nobel Prize for Chemistry, in 1964, Dorothy Hodgkin (née Crowfoot) is famed for her discovery of penicillin’s molecular structure and Vitamin B12.

Now, she’s been honoured with special Google doodle of penicillin, which appears whenever someone visits the search engine. In 1921, she attended the Sir John Leman Grammar School in Beccles, before taking chemistry at Somerville College, Oxford, which was an exclusive school for women, in 1928 at age 18. From Oxford, she went to Cambridge University for her doctorate degree. Here, under the supervision of John Desmond Bernal, she became fully aware of the potential of X-ray crystallography in finding out the structure of proteins, working with him on the technique’s first application to analysis of a biological substance, pepsin.

Her contribution to the development of protein crystallography was also monumental and she later deciphered the structure of insulin. Aside from the Nobel Prize, she also won the Lenin Peace Prize, and she is the first woman to obtain the Copley Medal and the second woman to receive the Order of Merit in 1965, with Florence Nightingale as her predecessor.

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