Handy dog walks around Beccles


Beccles has a number of great places to give your dog the exercise it needs

Dogs often tend to be very lively creatures- it can be hard to give them the amount of exercise they need without them getting restless. Fortunately in Beccles there are a quite a few places you can go in order to give them the exercise they need over the course of the day, while at the same time giving you places to go so that it doesn’t become too routine for you.

Arguably the most scenic area to walk your dog is the quay- the river is a beautiful area and looks great, plus there is easy access to the marshes and the wide playing field area near the playground if you want to let your dog off the lead and run around a bit. The only downside is that because it is near the river there is the risk of your dog wanting to jump in and have a swim so be ready for that!

Another alternative is the common- this area provides a wide range of places you can walk your dog. With the wide park area, shrouded woodland areas and playing fields you can ensure your canine chum will be properly knackered by the end of the day.

There are other areas such as the playing field near Sir John Leman High School and the area around Puddingmoor, all providing additional routes to explore. In short if you’re a dog owner in Beccles you’re spoiled for choice!

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