Seal Rescued 10 Miles Inland at Beccles Quay

An intrepid seal was discovered in shallow water by a local businessman, only to disappear again.

Local businessman Andy Coates, of Cobweb Crafts spotted the common Grey Seal on the quayside and contacted the RSPCA, but by the time officers were on site, the seal had slipped back into the water and vanished.

Concerned for the aquatic mammal’s safety, Mr Coates embarked on a search of the quay and its connecting waterways, eventually rediscovering the seal on some grass further upstream.

Mr Coates told the Eastern Daily Press: ‘It looked beyond lethargic and was clearly in some distress. I was standing about four feet away to make sure it didn’t try to get back into the water.

‘Four officers came and they wrapped it in a seal stretcher and took it away for treatment as it seemed to have a recent wound.

‘Everyone who I have spoken to from fishermen to boat keepers to local residents said they have no memory of ever seeing a seal here before.

‘Officers seemed to think it would be ok. I think it just needs some rest and relaxation and feeding up.’

Mr Coates took the picture which accompanies this article.

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