Viral Success For Beccles’ Wheelie-Bin Artist

Wheelie bins have to be one of the most boring, uninspiring objects on the face of the earth. Sitting in our drives, their drab, familiar colours greeting us day after day, these personality-free lumps of plastic are a dull, lifeless sign of modern life. But for Beccles artist Brett Day, the wheelie bin is a canvas for unimaginable vistas, from flowing rivers and rolling oceans to the depths of space.

Brett Day Bins

Brett’s bins have been drawing notice from locals since he started painting them, but thanks to his YouTube channel Paint With Brett his creations have now found a global audience. One video of Brett painting his black wheelie bin has received over 100 million views, making Brett a worldwide viral phenomena.

While Brett’s paintings may look like the work of a professional, the truth is that brett has only been painting for two years. Brett told the Eastern Daily press that “I started with oil on canvas paintings before turning to airbrushing and then spray painting. In recent months I have been commissioned to paint everything from bread bins to BBQs – and the never-ending requests for wheelie bins.

Brett Continues: “The wheelie bin idea came about because I thought my bin was looking a bit grotty so I decided to paint in and upload the video to Facebook.

“I normally get two to three thousand views but at the end of the day there were 250,000 and then one million the next day and it kept growing at one million each day.”

So next time you’re driving through Beccles, keep an eye out for Brett’s creations, and maybe even consider following Brett’s example and customizing your own bins!


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