What shops can be found in Beccles?


A search that often comes up is “What shops can be found in Beccles?” The simple answer is that Beccles offers a wide variety of shops that can cater to a wide variety of tastes, ensuring that you can find what you want (both in the town centre and on the fringes of the town).

It should be said that there are a fair amount of supermarkets, charity shops and chain stores in Beccles with many of the high street names you would expect to see in towns and cities across Britain. While these provide convenience these are just a small part of why Beccles is a popular destination in the local area for shopping.

One of the key things is that there are a number of well established local businesses in the area- whether it is quirky crafts, delicious locally sourced food or even places to buy books, toys and memorabilia there is somewhere you can go that is distinct and interesting. The local market every Friday also provides a variety of stalls, allowing you to try some fresh produce (including it has to be said some excellent local seafood, meat and dairy).

The town also benefits from local coffee shops, allowing you a great place to sit and relax, watching the world go by in a calm place around the centre of the town. Whether it is a foamy latte or a traditional cup of tea and a fryup Beccles does well because it offers a balance- it is not solely a tourist trap of oddities and quirkiness but equally it is not just about the big names (not to mention overly familiar names!)

In short shopping around Beccles provides a pleasant experience and covers both the independent and the chains, the quirky and the convenient. While Norwich may be the major city for shopping Beccles is arguably one of the most popular towns in the local area due to a similar approach- celebrating the smaller and the interesting while at the same time ensuring that people can go to the larger places and get the practical details of a daily shop sorted out as well.

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